The Neighbourhood Plan Documents:

1. Neighbourhood Plan October 2018

2. Village Design Statement October 2018

3. Evidence Base October 2018

4. Strategic Environmental Assessment October 2018

5. Basic Conditions Statement October 2018

6. Consultation Statement October 2018

7. HRA Screening Report October 2018

Background Documents:

Survey Results - Community Survey

Survey Results - Housing Quantity Survey

Survey Results - Housing Needs Survey

Housing Needs Survey Form

Archive Documents:

Original 2014 Plan

Pre-Submission Consultation Responses:

Responses From Residents

Responses From Statutory Consultees & Interested Parties

City of York Council Area Designation Decision

List of Consultees to Pre-Submission Consultation

Rec Centre 2

November 2018

The Parish Council handed their Neighbourhood Plan in to City of York Council on Friday 19th October.

City of York Council Officers have to check that the Neighbourhood Plan complies with all legal requirements before submitting the Plan for a six week formal consultation.

As this is not the first time the City Council has had the opportunity to check the Plan, and as the last version of the Plan was revised to comply with the comments of the City Council's Officers, it is anticipated that the formal consultation will begin very quickly.

Following the Formal Consultation, the Plan, together with all feedback received by City of York Council, will to be sent to an Independent Examiner to decide whether the Plan meets all the requirements to go forward to a Referendum of Copmanthorpe residents. If the majority of those voting approve the Plan it passes into Planning Law for Copmanthorpe and will help to control development over the next fifteen years and beyond.


The Plan

Copmanthorpe Parish is a distinct and historic settlement within the York Green Belt, offering a safe and attractive place in which to live, providing a range of commercial, transport and social facilities for all sections of the local community.

The Policies of the Copmanthorpe Neighbourhood Plan will be extremely important in deciding planning applications which affect the Parish and the village. Policies included in this plan are aimed at managing the future growth of Copmanthorpe, especially through new housing development, and at preserving the character and identity of the village and the surrounding countryside of the Parish.

There are approximately 1,700 houses within the boundary of the Parish with a population of about 5,000. There are a number of small businesses operating within the Parish and the village is predominantly bounded by high grade farming land.

The Neighbourhood Plan will give the community the opportunity to influence how the village will look in years to come in terms of the type and location of development and how the facilities and transport links of the village can be sustained.